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The Witches Dumb Supper

Often held during the month of October in private residence, the Dumb Supper is comprised of a three course dinner served in reverse, and observed in solemn silence. A popular sacred practice among Witches and Pagans, this ceremony is designed to help summon the souls of our loved ones from the other side so that we may give thanks, and perhaps even commune with them once again.

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Necromancy is usually accomplished with the help of an intermediary such as an oracle or in modern times a "Medium" but this is not necessary you can do it yourself (please see "Solitary Working" below). Types or styles of Mediumship can differ considerably but they general involve channelling information from a spirit or allowing oneself to be taken over by a spirit (possession) completely or partially. Most mediumship is mental so the medium is in an altered state but less common styles are that of; the "Trance Medium" which requires being in a much deeper state and letting yourself be possessed by a spirit, and also of the "Physical Medium" where physical manifestations occur, such as ectoplasm a strange substance...

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Ouija Boards

Of all the magical tools in the world none is more misunderstood and misused that the infamous Ouija Board, but why does it have such a bad reputation? I would like to note that the Ouija board is no more or less dangerous than any other tools used for similar purposes (such as the Pendulum). I'm not going to pretend you couldn't get into problems when trying to open doors to other realms but lets be fair prior to the release of "The Exorcist" the "game" even out-sold "Monopoly" in 1966 and given there must have been literlay thousands of people using the board without any real problems it simply isn't as dangerous as it's reputation suggests.

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