The Witches Dumb Supper


What is a Dumb Supper?

Often held during the month of October in private residence, the Dumb Supper is comprised of a three course dinner served in reverse, and observed in solemn silence. A popular sacred practice among Witches and Pagans, this ceremony is designed to help summon the souls of our loved ones from the other side so that we may give thanks, and perhaps even commune with them once again.

With a hotly debated history, the origins of the Dumb Supper are mysterious and largely unknown. However, It is widely thought to have evolved from a love ritual conducted on Halloween night which supposedly allowed young women to divine the identity of their future husbands.

Modern day Dumb Suppers take place all over the world and are often held during the month of October when the veil between this world and the spirit world is said to be at it’s thinnest.

Guests are asked to open themselves up to and invite their ancestors and loved ones who have passed away to come and dine with them. This type of ceremony is not a seance, and no mediums or psychics are used to relay messages from the dead. Instead it is simply a tradition created as a way for guests to give thanks to and remember the people who came before us.

Many cultures throughout history have had some variation of rituals in which food is offered to the dead. Perhaps more recognisable are the modern symbolic versions of remembering the departed that feature meals. An example of this is the  “Missing Man Honors Ceremony” in which empty place settings represent and honour soldiers missing in action.

Although the main purpose of the Dumb Supper is not a focus on the manifestation of any form of paranormal activity, people who hold and attend them have often reported spirits revealing themselves in a variety of ways. Guests have recalled a ghostly touch, the scent of perfume, whispered messages, and even physical manifestations. This is a solemn event where respect for the dead is crucial. By remaining silent you open your heart and mind to those who have crossed over and put them at the forefront of your thoughts.

Why is it called a Dump Supper?

“Dumb,” in this case, is a synonym for mute or silent, as the most essential rule of the Dumb Supper is the complete silence in which it should be conducted. This means no talking in the ballroom (the sacred space).

Sometimes the Dumb Supper can also be commonly known as "The Silent Supper" although this is a very modern term used to describe this type of ceremony.


How can I attend a Dumb Supper?

Most Dump Suppers are private intimate affairs conducted in private residence and among friends. However there are least two public dumb suppers I am aware of which are open for people to attend and which are actual events and you are able to buy tickets for to see.

Dumb Suppers in the Britain and the UK

We at Thoth are proud to say we hold a regular dumb supper and it is possible to check out the details our latest dumb supper event by clicking here.

Dumb Suppers in the United States

For those who live in the United States I am aware of one regularly held Dumb Supper at the "Festival of the Dead" held in Salem, Massachusetts which you can click the following link for more info

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