Great Travelling Psychic & Holistic Fair - Stourbridge

Psychic Fair 2019
Our Great Travelling Psychic & Holistic fairs are open to everyone with no entrance fee. Below are some exhibitors, talks and workshops but please check the dates page before attending as not all exhibitors listed below attend every fair and some workshops require an admission fee to pay for material costs.


Introduction to Witchcraft - Free Talk - Starts 10:00 - 45Mins
If you've ever wondered what witchcraft is or what witches actually do then this talk is for you.

History of Ouija Board - Free Talk - Starts 11:00 - 45Mins
Explore the history of the iconic Ouija or talking board and dispel some of the myths and "ouijastitions".


Essential Oils 101 - £20pp - Starts 12:00 - 55Mins
Learn the basics of using essential oils and make your own roller, Spray bottle or dipper.

Make your own Charm Bag - £10pp - Starts 13:00 - 45Mins
Design and make your own charm bag to take home. Charm Bags are also often known as Gri-Gri or Witch Bags.

Tea & Tarot - £20pp - Starts 14:00 - 55Mins
This is a short introduction to the Tarot and it is our hope that we can teach you the basics of how to use the Tarot for psychic readings. During the class we also give you the opportunity to sample some of our lose leaf teas.

Introduction to Spell Casting
- £10pp - Starts 15:00 - 55Mins

In this workshop we will talk about the different forms spells often take and how they are designed and constructed. We will also give you the opportunity to design and make your own spell to take home with you or cast during the workshop.

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*Please note that not all these talks, workshops or classes are available at every fair we hold, so for more details please see our Facebook page. Tickets are first come first serve on the day however they can also be reserved on
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