The White Spring - Glastonbury


"It is one of the greatest mysteries of the Isle of Avalon that two different healing springs, one touched red with iron, the other white with calcite, should rise within a few feet of each other from the caverns beneath Glastonbury Tor. Both have healing in their flow. "

In honour of the Spirit of the White Spring, a Temple has been created here in gratitude for the gift of pure water. A Victorian built Well House that nestles beneath Glastonbury Tor was ideal for this purpose, a blessing indeed. Cavernous and set apart, in blackness or candle lit, mysterious it remains. A wonderful contrast to the sunlit gardens of Chalice Well of the Red Spring. The interior consists of three domed vaults 16ft high, with beautiful bowed floors - like the hull of a boat moored at the portal to the Otherworld. With it's constant temperature, and the sound of the perpetually flowing water, it is a unique and sacred space.

A series of pools have been built according to the principles of sacred geometry, and simple shrines in honour of the ancient energies and spirits of Avalon have been created within the temple. All enhanced by the ley line known as the Michael line which flows through this place. We honour Brigid as guardian, Our Lady of Avalon, the King of the Realm of Faery, and their ancient presence in this sacred space.

Many groups, pilgrims, and local people - from a wide diversity of backgrounds and traditions - have come to appreciate the blessings of this sacred space. So do come and enjoy the White Spring during our normal opening hours or at our regular ceremonies and meditations. We gather together to celebrate the turning of the seasons and at the full and dark moon. Private visits and ceremonies, including baptisms and ceremonial bathing may be possible by arrangement. In keeping with the sense of sacred at the White Spring there is no charge or expectation of donation, neither is anyone paid.


The Shrines

The temple contains shrines in honour of the spiritual energies of this place. The shrines are carefully set and cared for by the keepers of the spring.

The White Spring is home to a shrine in honour of Brigid, Celtic Fire Goddess and guardian of sacred springs, within it, The Brigid Flame perpetually burns. A shrine in honour Our Lady of Avalon can be found beside the healing pools. The shrine in honour of the King of the World of Faerie is at the portal to the otherworld, as legend has it. The ley-line known as the Michael line runs right through the building and Micheal, forever associated with Glastonbury Tor, is also honoured here.



Opening hours:
The White Spring is open during the following hours:


1:30 - 4:30pm
1:30 - 4:30pm
1:30 - 4:30pm
1:30 - 4:30pm
1:30 - 4:30pm


Address: The White Spring Custodian
The White Spring
Well House Lane



Telephone: 07340 288392


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