Protection Powder

Protection Powder

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Protection magic is a very popular subject but what many witches wont tell you is that there is always a work around. Just ask any bank robber and they will tell you it doesn't matter how many alarms, steel doors and lazers you put in a building there is always a weakness, even if you need to use dynamite to blow through the wall.

In most cases general cleansings can fix problems people have and we meet many clients who belive that they have been hexed or cursed by some powerful spirit or witch, most of the time this is simply not true and when it is, it's generaly easy to reverse. Truth be told there arn't all that many super powerful spirits or magical practitioners out there who will want to cause harm to you and when they do a store bought magical oil, potion or spell really isn't going to help you much.

Most problems people have with regards to problematic energies they sense around them or those effecting their spell work tends to come from picking up and retaining negative energies throughout day to day life, some lower level spirits and entities tend to get attracted to people who walk a magical path and can leech off of them.

With this in mind we have created this simple little defensive protection powder which you can use not just as a general magical defense for you home but also as a base for protective magic.


Why not spinkle this powder under or over the thresholds of your home (under door threshold strips or even sprinkle it in potted plants around your home.) If you carry a protective magical object such as a charm bag or gris gris bag then why not feed it with this powder.