The Thoth Box of Magic Boxes
The Thoth Box of Magic Boxes

The Thoth Box of Magic Boxes

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This mega box comes with all the booklets in our 'box of' range and all the items which are in the other 'box of' boxes and so includes the following kits:
  • The Box of Money
  • The Box of Protaction
  • The Box of Love
  • The Box of Psychic Powers
  • The Box of Healing
  • The Box of Maleficence (Black Magic)
This box is not designed to be an indepth course in a specific area of magic but instead a nice little snap shot of history, practice and of course gives you a few little spells and things to try at home (Yes, do try this at home lol.) It would make a great present for someone looking into the realms of witchcraft & magic for the first time.

Whats in the box of boxes?

Well it's a secret, we can't be giving all our magical knowledge away now can we lol. We put so much info out there i the public domain whether it's on the 'Witchcraft Live' Facebook group or the 'Thoth TV' YouTube channel, this however is a little box of things only those willing to buy the box.