Bay (Dried) - Laurus nobilis

Bay (Dried) - Laurus nobilis

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Native to the Mediterranean region this aromatic tree is sacred to Apollo and in ancient times was especially revered at Delphi, where it apparently played an important ritual role in the rites of the Delphic oracle (bay is a narcotic and stimulant in large amounts.)

The classical legend of bay’s origin was Daphne’s transformation into the laurel tree during her pursuit by Apollo.

Bay laurel was the symbol of wisdom, both acquired and intuitive. Laurus nobilis is believed to derive from the Celtic word laur meaning green and the Latin nobilis signifying noble. Baccalaureate is from the Latin for laurel berries, which were given to Greek students of the classical period.

Since bay was so strongly associated with the gods and people of high esteem, it gained the reputation of protecting against all manner of natural and man-made disasters. Sorcerers and poisoners could not harm the person who carried bay. It was believed that lightning would not strikewhere bay was planted.

Warning: Please contact a Medical Professional if you have or suspect you have a medical condition, the information posted is for educational purposes only.

Magical Uses

Bay is used for divination and prophecy and has been associated with the Greek God Apollo. Bay leaves can be used to help with the charging of solar water for solar cleansings.

It is also used as a protective panacea, to ward off all evil influences and protect against the evil eye or other forms of envy, jealousy, and even certain spirits

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