Nettle (Dried) - Urtica dioica

Nettle (Dried) - Urtica dioica

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In Norse legend the god Thor is often represented by Nettles and it is said that if you burn Nettles duringa thunder storm you will be protected from lightening.

With such rich cultural meaning it’s no wonder that Nettle is has been utilised fully throughout history. Whilst the Egyptians were using the Nettle for medicinal purposes, around the same time in Bronze Age Denmark, shrouds were being made from Nettle fibres. Within Europe Nettle has always had multifaceted uses whether for food, drink, clothes and medicine. From the 18th century all these uses subsided as Nettle became to be seen as a plant only fit for those couldn’t afford more expensive medicine or cloth. In both World War I and II Nettle was used either for its dye or fibre with the British government ordering 100 tons of the plant because it was a good dye for camouflage.

In Ancient Egypt they prepared a Nettle infusion for arthritis and lumbago pains. They used the sting of Nettle in urtification (the practice of flogging oneself with fresh nettles) - this was believed to help with rheumatism, lethargy, coma, paralysis, and even typhus and cholera. Urtification was also practiced by Roman soldiers to stimulate circulation on cold days in Northern Europe and to treat tired painful legs on long marches.

Hippocrates had around 61 different Nettle preparations. The Greek medical scripture ‘De Simplicibus’ suggests Nettle for ‘a diuretic and laxative, for dog bites, gangrenous wounds, swellings, nose bleeding, excessive menstruation, spleen-related illness, pleurisy, pneumonia, asthma, tinea, and mouth sores.’ Later additions included Nettle mixed with Hemp plant for relief from shock as well as Nettle on its own being used for shingles and constipation. Horse salesmen used to give nettle seeds to horses for a few weeks before sale as it would give them glossy hair.

Warning: Please contact a Medical Professional if you have or suspect you have a medical condition, the information posted is for educational purposes only.

Magical Uses

I know Nettle has many medicinal uses but I only use Nettle for one type of magic and it isn’t nice magic. When I think of Nettle I always thing of that annoying stinging feeling you get when you accidentally walk through a patch of Nettles. It’s annoying and it hurts, therefore when I use Nettles in magic it is normally for causing minor pain and discomfort to someone, through the use of a poppet or doll.

It is said Nettle is male in action and associated with the sign of Scorpio (some say Aries) and the planet Mars and element of Fire.

Nettle can be burned to drive out negativity or unwanted spirits. It can also be used in protection bags, our ground into a powder and used in spells to break curses

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