Rosemary (Dried) - Rosmarinus officinalis

Rosemary (Dried) - Rosmarinus officinalis

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The history of Rosemary is a story covering thousands of years. Beginning with the written word as early as the fifth millennium BCE, references to Rosemary were found written in cuneiform on the Sumerian stone tablet.

Revered by the ancient Greeks and Romans, Rosemary captivated these peoples for its mystical andhealing powers. Hellenistic and Roman gardens almost always contained rosemary bushes. Moreover, Rosemary was believed to grow only in the gardens of the righteous and protected one from evil spirits.

Rosemary has a wealth of traditional uses. In one of the earliest herbals known to be printed in England, Rycharde Banckes recommended that one gather leaves of Rosemary and “...boyle them in fayre water and drinke that water for it is much worthe against all manner of evils in the body.

Warning: Please contact a Medical Professional if you have or suspect you have a medical condition, the information posted is for educational purposes only.

Magical Uses

Used by the Romans in religious ceremonies and weddings these days people use it for protection love, lust, purification, healing, sleep. It can also me used occasional in exorcism and I tend to opt for Rosemary smudge sticks as a basic form of house clearing or space clearing, rather than the popular sage smudge.

Christian folklore says that rosemary will grow for 33 years, until it reaches the height Christ was when he died, and then it will grow no more. Apparently, Rosemary’s flowers picked up their blue colour and acquired their fragrance when Mary spread her blue cloak over a rosemary bush to dry while they were on their way fleeing to Egypt.

Rosemary is also associated with Aphrodite and appears in many ancient images of Her.An old saying says “Where Rosemary flourishes, the Woman rules” and in England it was believed that rosemary could not grow in the garden of the home unless the mistress was the master.In France, Rosemary was burnt, along with Juniper berries in sick rooms and hospitals to purify the air.

I believe it may have also been worn around the neck during the middle ages to protect against the plague.

General occult correspondences list rosemary as male in nature and ruled by Leo, the element of fire and the sun. I have used it personally in solar cleansing rituals along with bay-leaf.

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