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Seaweed sheets:
  • Seaweed, Corn Oil, Grape Seed Oil, SESAMEOil, Sea Salt.#
  • Sourced from Korea


  • Dried Bladderwrack (Fucas vesiculosus)


Although seaweeds are not technically considered “herbs,” these aqueous plants have traditionally been used as foods by coastal populations. The first written records of seaweed use are nearly 5,000 years old, in a herbal often attributed to Chinese Emperor Shen Nung .

It has recently begun to receive attention in the eyes of herbalists for their high nutritive value, wellness-promoting qualities, and distinctly tasty nature. Although a variety of seaweeds have been consumed across the world for thousands of years, only recently have they begun to be referred to as a “superfood”.

John Parkinson’s describes a dozen seaweeds, wracks and kelp but seemed to combine all their virtues into just one description ‘seaweeds are marine algae … now classified as red, green, or brown.

Warning: Please contact a Medical Professional if you have or suspect you have a medical condition, the information posted is for educational purposes only.

Magical Uses

Seaweeds belong to Neptune. Traditionally they have been used in rituals to protect those at sea.

Some modern witches who live ‘in-land’ and who don’t have direct access to the sea and sea water will use, sea salt, rainwater, and seaweed to create magically charged synthetic sea water. I can’t say I have ever tried this but the approach is interesting.

Seaweed sheets are a popular substitute for paper when making sigils and when writing petitions due to it being eco-sourced and biodegradable. Some write petitions and then leave them to dissolve into the sea.

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