Hells Fury Hexing Powder
Hells Fury Hexing Powder

Hells Fury Hexing Powder

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This powder is the most powerful magical powder we sale to the public, it has within it many secrets burried, the average person who doesn't have much magical experience will be able to use it, but there are a number of magical restrictions put in place to stop people pulling through more energy than the can handle.

If you want a generic hexing powder then why not try our crossing powder but if you want a little challenge then why not try working with this interesting little powder. I'm not going to tell you what is in it, but we recommend trying to analyse it from a psychic perspective and form a bond with the individual ingredients your pick up.

This powder was formed out of rage and contains energies of an angry nature. The plant allies spirits used in the creation of this powder (google animism if your unsure what plant allies are) do have a volatile nature and you may have to win them over in order to get some of them to work with you.


Most commonly this powder is used for hexing and cursing. It can be used as a base for other baneful powders and incensed or simply charged and used on it's own. Ultimately it is a magicaly charged powder which can be used in a multitude of ways and none of them usualy positive. Use your imagination when designing spells made with this product just don't get any of it on yourself and you may wish to handle it while wearing gloves.


Don't eat this, don't get it on your hands or on any part of your body.