Spirit Powder
Spirit Powder

Spirit Powder

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This spirit powder is designed as a simple and generic spirit summoning or evocation powder. Some spirits struggle to manifest within the physical realm, think of taking a fish out of water, it's outside of it's natural habitat and requires water to contine to survive and thrive. Some spirits are similar and those without strong psychic ability may struggle with communication with such spirits.


This powder is designed to be added to spells involving spirts (such as spirits of the dead) or even used to charge magical spaces (much like incense) it could be used to draw or mark out ritual space, you could even use it to draw sigils, etc on floors.

Why not use this powder as a base when creating your own magicaly charged powders or incenses, combining it with magicaly charged incenses such as our Samhaim incense could help you when trying to connect with spirits of the dead during seances and other such rituals.

Do not eat this, none of our magical powders are designed to be consumed, if you did then you would more than likely end up being a spirit of the dead yourself!