Beeswax 'The Waxans' Poppets

Beeswax 'The Waxans' Poppets

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These are wax poppets we like to call 'The Waxans' and are made from 100% natural beeswax. They are hand made by one of our witches and may be different to the picture.

Poppets have been used for centuries for all different kinds of magical work from hexing to healing. If you want to know more about poppet magic then why not check out our 'Thoth TV' youtube channel.

Measurements (approx):

  • Male 21cm tall, Shoulder span 9cm
  • Female 20cm tall, Shoulder span 5cm

You have the choice of four options:

  • Male figure
  • Female figure
  • Male & Female figures
  • Just the body parts: x2 Heads, x4 arms, x4 legs, x2 torso (parts for x2 male & x1 female.)
These poppets may be different from those displayed in the product picture due to them being handmade, they will also come with some discolouring due to use having to burn melt the body parts together.