Box of Psychic Powers
Box of Psychic Powers

Box of Psychic Powers

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This really is a box of magic, more specifically Psychic magic. If you are looking into exploring the psychic arts then why not get this little box which contains a few simple little spells and items you can use to help with you magical studies.

The box comes with a booklet designed to teach the basics of psychic work. Each booklet is written by one of the witches of the 'Thoth Witchcraft Shop' and has a colour coded cover.

This box is not designed to be an indepth course in a specific area of magic but instead a nice little snap shot of history, practice and of course gives you a few little spells and things to try at home (Yes, do try this at home lol.) It would make a great present for someone looking into the realms of witchcraft & magic for the first time.

Whats in the box?

Well it's a secret, we can't be giving all our magical knowledge away now can we lol. We put so much info out there i the public domain whether it's on the 'Witchcraft Live' Facebook group or the 'Thoth TV' YouTube channel, this however is a little box of things only those willing to buy the box.