Planetary Yarns (undyed)
Planetary Yarns (undyed)
Planetary Yarns (undyed)
Planetary Yarns (undyed)
Planetary Yarns (undyed)
Planetary Yarns (undyed)
Planetary Yarns (undyed)
Planetary Yarns (undyed)
Planetary Yarns (undyed)
Planetary Yarns (undyed)

Planetary Yarns (undyed)

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These yarns a naturally hand spun during / on the correct planatery days and were designed to capture the natural energy given off by the planets (7 classic planets).

They can be used for many different things and are great for those who wish to incorporate planatery magic into their magical workings.

They are sold individually in 1 Metre & 5 Metre options, although we do have a sample pack of all seven avaliable here.

What is Planetary Magic?

Centuries ago the Greeks (who we also credit as giving us the name Astrology) gave us the concept of grouping things together under planetary ruler-ship, which was an extension of an earlier Greco-Egyptian magical principle of assigning sacred objects and qualities to specific deities.

Planetary Magick is the art of evoking and directing forces or energy currents, derived from and associated with the seven traditional planets (“fixed stars”), these being: Luna (the Moon), Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn & Sol (the Sun).

The seven planetary forces are represented as Sefirot on the Tree of Life as Yesod (Luna), Geburah (Mars), Hod (Mercury), Chesed or Gedulah (Jupiter), Netzach (Venus), Binah (Saturn) & Tiphareth (Sol) and are used by many magical practitioners and traditions all of the world.

If you would like to find out more about planatery magic then check out our blog here.

Are they hand made?

Yes, they are created by a skilled master craftsman who also happens to be a professional witch, and the correct days of the planets were used during their creation.

Who made them?

These planetary yarns are spun by a professional Witch who also happens to be a master craftsman when it comes to textiles work.

How is the energy captured?

The yarns are actually spun anticlockwise in order to stop the energy of the person spinning them from tainting the yarns to much, and to allow for the natrual energy evoked during the spinning to more easily transmute the yarns.

What sizes or types do they come in?

The yarns come individually in 1 Metre and 5 Metre sizes but we also offer a starter multi pack which conatins 1 Metre of each of the 7 classic planets.

The yarns on this page are undyed but we will be offering a dyed version using natrual dyes with colours coresponding to the modern kabalistic system.

Yarn details:

 Planet Day
Luna / Moon Monday
Mars Tuesday
Mercury Wednesday
Jupiter Thursday
Venus Friday
Saturn Saturday
Sol / Sun Sunday
 Planet Wool
Luna / Moon Blue-faced Leicester / s-spun / Z-plied
Mars Blue-faced Leicester / s-spun / Z-plied
Mercury Blue-faced Leicester / s-spun / Z-plied
Jupiter Blue-faced Leicester / s-spun / Z-plied
Venus Blue-faced Leicester / s-spun / Z-plied
Saturn Blue-faced Leicester / s-spun / Z-plied
Sol / Sun Blue-faced Leicester / s-spun / Z-plied