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Turquoise Tumbled stone

Magickal Uses: Astral travel, Wards off psychic attack, Repel intruders, Collective wisdom. Used in workings for wealth, healing, luck, protection, and love. Removes pollutants and equalizes a room’s energy. Helps protect children from bullying.

Birthstone: Primary birthstone for Capricorn

Chakra: Throat and Upper Heart

Element: Air

Planet: Neptune, Venus

Group: Phosphates

Special Handling:
Most turquoise is porous, and will react with acid on the skin, detergents and oils. Remove turquoise rings when washing your hands or doing the washing up, and take general care when handling it. It is safe to use directly in water when making an essence, but it’s probably best to use an indirect method in case it affects the stone.

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