Burdock Root - Arctium lappa

Burdock Root - Arctium lappa

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Burdock is a multi-purpose herb that has been used for centuries in Europe and Asia but is often considered to be a weed by many people. It has been naturalised more recently in the United States, with Native American Indians using it as a medicinal plant to cleanse the body and spirit.

I am a big fan of the traditional cordial Dandelion & Burdock and recommend making it yourself. Although it it has traditionally been used as a cleansing tonic which works on the liver and kidneys to ‘cleanse the blood’ or remove toxins.

Burdock root is a popular vegetable in Japan but is known as Gobo.

Burdock was used in cancer treatments during the early Middle Ages. Twelfth Century German Abbess Hildegard Von Bingen used it. Burdock is also an ingredient in the ‘Hoxsey’ cancer formula.

Warning: Please contact a Medical Professional if you have or suspect you have a medical condition, the information posted is for educational purposes only.

Magical Uses

Burdock has a magical reputation that belies its humble, earthy appearance. Native to Europe and parts of Asia, Burdock has been an ingredient in medicinal and brewing recipes since at least medieval times. (It was used as a bittering agent in beer before the widespread adoption of hops.)

Eventually, this persistent Old World herb spread to North America where it was foraged as a folk medicine and occasional food source. American conjurers and rootworkers adopted Burdock into their magical pantries and elevated its status as a Witch’s herb. Bat Root and Beggar’s Buttons—referring to the bright round flowers—are folkloric names for the same plant.

Burdock is associated with feminine energies, Venus and the element of Water.Burdock is used in rituals, amulets and spells to ward off negativity and for general protection. It can be used in potions ritual baths, incense, and amulets. Also used for general healing. The root can be carved into a figure, dried and carried or worn as a protective amulet.

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