Custom Designed Spell Kit

Custom Designed Spell Kit

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For those who are interested in casting a spell but don't know where to start or what they are doing, this service is for you.

We will speak to you via phone and email to discuss your needs and we will then explain what type of spell we suggest and create one for you. This will be a physical product which will be shipped to you (postage and packing is not included in the price).

We do not cast the spell for you and will require you to do the casting but can advise you on how to go about this. The reason for this is that we prefer to teach others to help themselves so that they are able to sort thier own problems out in future instead of always relying on paying someone else to do it for them.


What is a Witchcraft Consultation?

Witches have a great amount of knowledge and power. they understand many great mysteries of the universe and so for thousands of years many people have sought them out for advice or ask them to fix problems.

A Witchcraft Consultation is very simple it simply gives you the opportunity to speak to and ask for wisdom from a real life Witch. Maybe the Witch can offer insight into your situation and offer you advice when it comes to working magic.

Will the Witch cast the spell for me?

The Witch is under no obligation to cast a spell for you the purpose of this service is for the witch to create a spell kit for you and your purpose and send it to you for you to use.

Who is the Witch?

We have a number of professional Witches who work with us at Thoth so depending on who is covering the witchcraft consultation service will depend who you will speak too. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee you will speak to a specific Witch.

How long do I have to wait for my consultation?

We will contact you to arrange your consultation within 24hrs of you checking out and paying for this service. This would be done either by email or phone and the consultation itself would take place at a time to suite both yourself and the Witch.

Is 15 Minutes enough time?

You would be surprised what can be accomplished in 15 Mins and the Witch may require more time to speak to you but it is entirely at the Witch's discretion and we are under no obligation to offer you more time which has not been paid for.

What happens if the Witch doesn't reply on time?

If you we are unable to contact you to arrange an appointment or the Witch does not contact you for the appointment then you are eligible for a refund.

What if I am experiencing technical difficulties?

If you are experiencing technical difficulties we will attempt to reschedule the consultation but you are only entitled to a total of 15 minutes of the practitioners time.

What if I am unhappy with the Consultation or spell kit can I get a refund?

we are sorry if you are unhappy with your consultation but because you are paying for the "Witch's" time we cannot offer a refund unless the there was no response and you paid but were not contacted. We can offer a refund on a spell kit sent to you but only if the kit is damaged, and we will require proof of this.

Will the things discussed during my consultation remain private?

We will not divulge any information discussed to anyone unless doing so breaks the law.

Please read the "Witchcraft Consultation Terms & Conditions" before checkout as by paying for this service you will be agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.

Click here for full Terms  & Conditions

Please note we will need to contact you to arrange your consultation, so please provide an email address and / or phone number during checkout.