Devil Dust

Devil Dust

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Devil dust is a mysterious magical ingredient noted in 'Hoodoo - conjuration - witchcraft - rootwork' by Harry Hyatt. It is not a particulary popular or well known about formula and we at thoth are unaware of any actual Hoodoo practioners or even Hoodoo, Conjure, or Witchcraft shops which even sale it. This may be down to there being no known recipe to produce it.

The good thing about no recipe existing is that it gives us as magical practitioners creative license to make it up. Based in the desciption given in Harry Hyatt's book we can make an educated guess as to the applications of it:

'Get a little box - a tin box. Put dat toenails in there and fingernails in there , cayenne pepper , war water - you get the war water , devil dust. You puts in there and you stop that can up tight . you see , and bury it . Den when you bury it , the person what it belongs to, their hand ' ll come like that - they'll draw up ... (What is devil dust ?) Devil dust is what you get in the [ hoodoo ] drug store .'

We have created our own formula for a Devil Dust powder the details of which are given below we took this little spell recommendation and tried to reverse engineer it. Like with all reverse engineering of spellwork, we can't say for certain what the authentic recipe or formula for Devil Dust is but this is our version.

We can see from the spell that the person being interviewed recommends using the devil dust to help with some kind of baneful magic, it seems to be another ingredient similar to cayenne pepper (often used to create a painful buring sensation), and war water (used for channeling the destructive power of war). The devil dust is most likely some kind of powder (blend of multiple magicaly charged ingredients) used for destructive purposes and so lets think about the sorts of ingredients we might use to create this powder.

We can see that Cayenne pepper and war water is already being used so we wont include this in our devil powder recipe and instead lets look at other ingrediants often used and easily available to use for creating our recipe.

to be continued ...