Natural Pregnancy Care & Wellbeing Gift Set

Natural Pregnancy Care & Wellbeing Gift Set

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Pregnancy Care Massage Oil (100ml) and Aromatherapy Essential oil Blend (10ml) are excellent for use in the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy. The massage oil is excellent for the skin, preventing stretch marks and can be used safely over the belly area. The essential oil blend can be burnt in an oil burner to infuse the atmosphere with calm or a few drops added to a hot bath.


  • The Raspberry Leaf Tea is a 100% pure leaf tea.
  • The Pregnancy Care Essential Oil (10ml):  Mandarin, Lavender and Geranium.
  • The Pregnancy Care Massage Oil (100ml): This massage oil consists of 72.5% Almond oil, 15% Wheatgrem oil, 10% Marigold oil and 2.5% Pregnancy Care essential oil mix.

Using Aromatherapy in your daily routine is simple, easy and can be enormously beneficial. Pure neat essential oils can be evaporated into the environment and inhaled while products that have already been diluted in an oil can be applied straight to the skin. There are lots of different ways to utilize the pure neat essential oils; these can be made into a room spray or used in an an essential oil burner/ vaporizer.

This is a lovely way to perfume an environment and essential oils are very good at affecting the mood, mind and emotions when evaporated into the air. Adding essential oils to your bath is the best way to ensure the oils are absorbed through the pores of the skin while also inhaling the vapors; maximum benefit can then be had whilst enjoying a soak. Additionally the neat oils can be diluted into a carrier medium. This can be a cream, body butter, face cream, vegetable body oil and bath salts to name a few.

Quality Control:

  • All ingredients produced to GMP standards.
  • Quality Assured by Indigo Herbs.
  • 100% pure botanical ingredients, absolutely nothing added.
  • Bottled in a pharmacopeial grade brown glass bottle.

Raspberry Leaf Tea

The Albanian Raspberry leaves that make up Indigo Herbs Raspberry Leaf Tea is a perennial that fruits from Spring to Autumn and are specifically grown for use as tea. The leaves are plucked and dried out of direct sunlight to ensure all the active chemical constituents are kept in the leaf matter. After dying, the leaves are screened and tested for pollutants so only best and purest leaves are included in this Raspberry Leaf Tea.

Pregnancy Care Massage Oil & Essential Oil:

are hand blended in house following our unique proprietary aromatherapy blend recipes, designed for your benefit by our in house aromatherapist. Greatest care and attention is taken when selecting the ingredients, and the synergy of each oil blend is created with your wellbeing in mind. All the ingredients are 100% pure and natural, and they are bottled in pharmacopeial grade glass bottles to ensure the longest shelf life.

All the essential oils we use in our unique blends are manufactured to GMP standards using steam distillation, extraction or expression. During steam distillation the plant matter is put into boiling water or infused with steam. The steam is collected and the oils are separated from the water. During extraction, a solvent is used to extract the oil, by creating a concrete. This concrete is made up of plant matter, resins, waxes, and essential oils. A second solvent, such as ethyl alcohol is used to extract the essential oils from the concrete, this creates an absolute. During expression the plant matter is pressed (at cool temperatures) to release the oils. All of the carrier oils we use in our proprietary blends are 100% natural pure and cold pressed.

Warning: This kit is specifically meant for use during the 2nd and 3rd trimester of pregnancy.

Raspberry leaf may cause mild loosening of the bowls and nausea.

For the massage oil and essential oil: keep away from eyes and do not ingest.