The Real Witches Garden (by Kate West)

The Real Witches Garden (by Kate West)

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About the Book: 
The garden is the source of the real Witch's power. Garden-variety herbs and plants used to work spells, rituals and magic are essential to the practice of the Craft. In the Real Witches Garden, High Priestess Kate West offers practical hints and tips on how to tap into the power of your garden to make your Witchcraft more effective and meaningful.

Whether you garden is a large as an acre or as small as a window box, The Real Witches' Garden shows you how to cultivate and harvest a garden that will deepen and enrich your experience of the Craft - from how to to tend herbs for use in particular spells and remedies, to how to use your garden in seasonal celebrations and rituals. 

The Real Witches' Garden shows you how to:
- Use your garden to create a sacred space for spells, rites, worship and meditation
- Grown herbs easily, as well as dry and store them for future magical uses
- Tend the smallest of gardens in window boxes, pots and containers
- Plant according to the lunar calendar and the wheel of the year.

Author: Kate West has been a practicing Witch for nearly thirty years. She is High Priestess of the Hearth of Hecate and has been Vice President and Media. Co-ordinator of The Pagan federation, She is the respected author of The Real Witches handbook and a popular speaker on the Craft.

Information: 178 pages, paperback.