Wisdom Cards by Fanny Cradock

Wisdom Cards by Fanny Cradock

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Old Fanny Cradock the Village Witch is famous for her advice (and pungent smell), but she isn't always around for you to get a "reading" from her, so she had now developed her Wisdom Cards which should draw attention to things in your life you might want to pay attention too.

How to use?

Simply shuffle the deck and pull a single card.

You don't have to ask a question as the card pulled is designed to tell you what you need to be thinking about.

Unlink Tarot and other such cards these card do not require any psychic ability to use, as each card has a very simple description to highlight the thing in your life you need to be focusing on. Some cards may even make predictions.

Other Uses

The cards also show the traditional playing card suits in the top left corner so could also be used for any card games where a standard deck of cards would also be used.

How were they created?

Normal playing cards have been used for many years by Psychics and Witches for fotune telling. Each card in a standard card deck has meanings associated with it. The only problem is you would need to learn all the meanings to understand ho to read a card pulled for a psychic reading.

To help with this Fanny has taken the original meanings and updated them for the 21st Century and even given them  her own little twist.

Warning Fanny Cradock is a very rude lady and as such these cards ca be very offensive to some people, so please do not buy or use them if you have a sensitive disposition.